La terra Corleonese- because Corleone is not only about mafia

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Situated between Palermo and Agrigento, Corleone attracts mainly because of its mafia past. And no wonder – the Godfather series has read and seen a lot of people around the world. The film, in addition to the impressive number of awards, is also considered in its own way to be beautiful, so the story (facts based) attracts a multitude of tourists.

Fun fact- the film was not filmed in Corleone at all and here’s why. The main reason was a fact that in the 70’s city didn’t look the same as in the 50’s (in my opinion nothing has changed besides the plastic windows), but the residents say that when the director arrived at Corleone he was asked to pay a special fee. Guess to who…

What is Corleone today? Many residents do not want to talk about the mafia, because it is still a fresh issue, and practically every family has suffered in its way. Any signs of shooting, graffiti or street names  are masked. It was just in 2006, when the police tracked Bernardo Provenzano, capo di tutti capi, who was hiding for over 40 years.

But beyond the mafia, the city itself offers nothing in terms of tourism itself. Perhaps there is no man there who could change it, and perhaps the locals simply do not want tourists. From personal experience as well as from stories on other blogs, you will find that local people are not really tourist friendly, because they are here for one reason. Interesting, however, that every souvenir shop is full of references to the mafia and the movie.

So when you go up and down the city (because that’s how it looks) and you are bored with no interactions with the locals (even if your boy speaks Corleonese!), I recommend a trip around the area. The road direction Palermo offers unforgettable views, and if you’re lucky like me and have a father-in-law who knows the area as your own pocket, you will go places.

There isn’t any guidebook about spectacular waterfalls drying up from May to late September, ancient aqueducts or natural pools hidden in quarries. Maybe better. Hidden from the tourists remained almost untouched since ages. Sunsets in the big cities can be good, but those under Corleone win everything. Just wear the covered shoes and high socks, because the dry ground from months and all the dry plants can be really sharp.

The mountains are mild and low – an average of 600 meters of rock. Before sunrise, even in the middle of summer, you can get pretty cool, so if you’re going to see Corleone’s Sunrise, take something warm with you.

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