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November the 1st is the World Day of Veganism, which starts the Month of Veganism. So I thought it was a good time to write down some tips for those who are open to changing their diets. Some of them were also helpful to myslef, and some I found in books and if I only knew it back then, I’m sure that the transition to the plant based diet would be much more easier.

HOW to become plant based IN 30 DAYS?

Honestly? You won’t. I don’t believe in such miracles, because it sounds just exactly as diets slimming in two weeks. It is not easy to change habits that have been obvious to us throughout our whole lives. Changing such basic matter as diet it’s a process. Depending on how conscious we are, what drives us (health, or whether the ethical reasons) and what is our goal, it can take shorter or longer. And this process is good. Personally, from the last bite of a grilled sausage I had (October 2014) till the day I said ‘bye’ to the grated parmesan, it took me over a year.

If you are already on the mindset, in which you agree to other sources of protein (and more or less when you know that you would survive without the steak, not even knowing yet what you will eat instead), it means that you are already one foot on the bright side too. I’m not saying that without reason. Although a small number of us have any knowledge about nutrition, we are always getting angry when someone says that the meat is bad. Perhaps it has an anthropological basis – this is why the Neanderthal learned to hunt, so that nobody will tell us that it’s not good. Before however becoming angry, it’s always good to know the points of the other side just for the sake of knowledge. Accepting them, just like in other live matters (eg. religion), won’t harm you and live will be just better for everybody else.


1. Do not listen to grandma this time, and instead eat your potatoes and leave the meat. And seriously speaking – change the proportions. Compose more vegetables with a small amount of meat. See if you’re going to survive until next meal (sounds terrifying).  How do you feel? Listen to your body and draw conclusions.

2.Reduce the amount of mammals meat you eat and then reduce the poultry and fish. Remember that protein is really easy to replenish with plants. Our body needs about 60-90g per day. Overdose of protein is equally dangerous to the lack of it, and have you ever wondered how much you are consuming on a daily basis? This app, Cronometer, might be useful for the beginners to calculate your daily intake of each element.
3. Start adding whole grains to your dishes. If you were often eating famous chicken with white rice and vegetables, this time swap the meat for some whole grains. Why? They contain really big amount of nutrients,  which make you feel as satisfied as after a portion of meat. The difference is that you’d consume less cholesterol and fell much lighter.

4. The most scary part is to quit on cheese and dairy products, because of their main ingridient- casein, a milk protein that is as addictive as cigarettes. I have one sentence that will quickly get you forgotten about cheese (ok, those are two sentences) : do you remember how in childhood you played with cheese that smells like socks / dirty feet? It turns out that the bacteria that give cheese this smell, is exactly the same bacteria that gathered on dirty feet! Do you really want to eat it?????
5. The last point, which should really be the first – stop obsessively thinking about food. Remember that we eat to live, not opposite. We eat more and more, always have snacks, sandwiches around, because what if we suddenly feel hungry? Do you remember when they were really hungry? And what’s the definition of a good diet known from advertising? 5 full meals a day. Heck, probably for a miner, or a person who really works phisically hard while burning a hundreds of callories. For someone who spend his day sitting behind the desk most of the time, this is way too much in my opinion.

WHY IS THE plant  based DIET good for you?

Even if you do not intend to completely eliminate the animal product, adding more plants to the same diet will definitely come out good for you. In many studies, for example an over a 30-year-long so called The China Study, it has been proven that diets have beneficial effects on our health condition. In some cases the diet could actually reverse such diseases as diabetes! And this is sience, not my dreams!
You can be plant based while still eating your fries (made out of potatoes), soy based vegan meats and other processed stuff but this isn’t obviously healthly. Food you put to your mouth should always resemlbe its nature, the simplicity is the key.

For those of you who would like to get some more specific information, you can visit this blog: sergiogiannone.com Yes, this is my boyfriend’s blog and I recommend it, because he is way smarter than me.

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